GoodDollar, sai cos’è?

Esistono veramente poche iniziative capaci di arricchire qualcuno senza impoverire qualcun altro, e GoodDollar è una di queste creando un Reddito di base per chiunque ne abbia bisogno.


Blockchain: is self-regulation sufficient?

It is happening in silence. Even as its arrival is being whispered about, it is laying the foundation for an inevitable future. It is the new digital revolution and it is based on the new technology called Blockchain. Blockchain: is self-regulation sufficient?


The objectives of regulation, Blockchain: II Chapter

SUMMARY of The objectives of regulation:2.1. UNDERSTANDING REGULATIONS;2.2. THE BIRTH OF NEW REGULATIONS;2.3. THE PURPOSE OF REGULATIONS. ‘Being caught up in a game without having a clue about the rules, may be extremely maddening and…


Analysis of Blockchain: IV Chapter

This analysis arises from the fact that in the idea of Blockchain 1.0, where the only application imaginable was virtual currencies, regulations affected only the currencies themselves…


Blockchain Bibliography

Here is the Blockchain Bibliography: Abramowicz M, ‘Cryptocurrency-Based Law’ (2015) George Wash U, Research Paper 2015-9 Acheson N, ‘Blockchain Regulation: Is Europe Getting It Right?’ (CoinDesk Weekly Journal, 15 May 2017) accessed 18 June…


Blockchain: Conclusion

It may seem a rash comparison but the book, Empire of Cotton, [159] by Sven Beckert, springs to mind. It is a seductive and disarming narrative about the global world from Marco Polo to Walmart….