GoodDollar, sai cos’è?

Esistono veramente poche iniziative capaci di arricchire qualcuno senza impoverire qualcun altro, e GoodDollar è una di queste creando un Reddito di base per chiunque ne abbia bisogno.


Blockchain: II Chapter, The objectives of regulation

SUMMARY: 2.1. UNDERSTANDING REGULATIONS; 2.2. THE BIRTH OF NEW REGULATIONS; 2.3. THE PURPOSE OF REGULATIONS. ‘Being caught up in a game without having a clue about the rules, may be extremely maddening and frustrating. Liberty…


Blockchain: III Chapter, The current situation

SUMMARY: 3.1. EARLY REGULATIONS AND ACTIONS BY STATES; MOST SIGNIFICANT CASES; SHOULD TECHNOLOGY ITSELF BE REGULATED AS DISTINCT FROM APPLICATION? ‘In that sense, technological innovations are similar to legislative acts of political foundings that establish…